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Slip back an electric slide

(all exits look the same)

23 February 1983
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on the screen;
friday night lights. community. rookie blue. parks and rec. buffy the vampire slayer. angel the series. dawson's creek. felicity. supernatural. how i met your mother. bones. cougar town. parenthood. happy endings. awkward. game of thrones. new girl. veep. miranda. adventure time. archer. the borgias. girls.
tim/lyla, coach/mrs. coach, julie/landry (fnl) jeff/annie, troy/britta (community) sam/andy, traci/jerry, gail/nick (rookie blue) leslie/mark, leslie/dave, leslie/ben, april/andy (parks and rec) spike/buffy (btvs) wes/angel, cordy/angel (ats) pacey/joey (dawson's creek) felicity/noel (felicity) dean/castiel (supernatural) ted/robin (himym) booth/brennan (bones) jules/grayson, jules/bobby, travis/laurie (cougar town) crosby/gaby, alex/haddie (parenthood) penny/dave, brad/jane (happy endings) jake/jenna (awkward) dany/jorah, tyrion/sansa (game of thrones) nick/jess, schmidt/jess (new girl) cesare/lucrezia (the borgias) hannah/adam (girls)
on the radio;
brand new. sanders bohlke. the avett brothers. ray lamontagne. flight of the conchords. glen hansard. the honorary title. hanson. childish gambino. mumford & sons. imagine dragons.
burger king. youtube tricking me into 'shipping things. pop-tarts. friends who are mingers. coca cola. a love song for bobby long. cloudy blue skies. rain storms. ice cream for breakfast. 21-and-up concerts. 'need you like water in my lungs'.

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