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From earnmysong.

A meme that demands I spend time on Youtube? Yes, please.

Leave me a pairing, character, or fandom in general, and then I reply by sharing my DEFINITIVE FANVID for that pairing/character/fandom.

I am feeling lazy about TV, so, bullet points. Of sorts.

+ Schmidt was my favorite part of New Girl. Weirdly, I didn't feel a single stirring for Nick. Nope, instead Schmidt stole the episode. His "all day, son!" scene broke me for a little bit, I'm not going to lie. It broke me real good. And I'm liking, too, this new focus on the Winston/Schmidt friendship.

+ Ugh, Nashville. I hate 99% of the things you do. Though, hiring Jay Hernandez? Eyeball approved. The me from the year 1999 would like to high five you.

+ I didn't think of Monica and Chandler even ONCE while watching Go On. Is that weird? Mostly I was too busy being delighted by Anne/Ryan. They are so great. What am I saying, this whole show is great. It's definitely turned into a favorite. (Also, next episode Carrie drunk dials Ryan? YES, PLEASE.)

+ I don't have a 'ship AT ALL on The Mindy Project, but I did feel stirrings when Danny said, re: Mindy and the kind of guy she usually goes for, "Metrosexual cheeseballs?" and handsome-faced Jeremy took offense and went, "Hey." WHY IS MINDY/JEREMY NOT A THING? Can't they go back to casually sleeping together?

Cue wet blanket Winger.


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I really miss Don't Trust The B and Ben and Kate. Why were they cancelled, why! And where is Happy Endings, why has that been off my TV screen for all these long, hard, cold winter months?! COME BACKKKKK.

Do you know what is back this week? SUPERNATURAL! YEAH!

Hot damn, that's a good video. If ever you thought about watching Supernatural and needed a video to sway you, this would do that. Just saying.

Community was good last night, but I don't have much to say about it, other than I enjoyed parts of the storyline but not all the parts. Like, I thought Jeff and Britta were cute together, and I really liked their scene in the car, but Britta still being there for the second half of the episode did feel slightly forced. In the sense that they kind of dropped logic to make the scenes work. (Why was she still at the house after Jeff left? Why was she in the car with him when they both left, didn't she drive herself over? Did she just leave her car there???? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.) I liked the Shawshank plot with the rest of the group even better, especially when it dwindled down to Troy/Abed/Annie. I also got a kick out of Pierce's "Abed gets it..." gag. I don't know if it's a Chevy thing that Pierce continues to call Abed 'Ay-bed' or if they decide that in the script, but I love that too. And, of course, I'm a sucker for anytime they use that "Greendale Is Where I Belong" song.

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You guys, my 7-year old nephew, Cole, has decided upon a name change:

I laughed a lot.


I did a big friends cut yesterday, which was refreshing but also sad. It's always weird to see how many people have drifted off the face of LJ, especially those who used to post a ton. And that just makes me think of that Hanson song, "Yearbook." TELL ME WHERE DID HE YOU GO, I WANNA KNOW, TELL ME WHERE DID JOHNNY ALL THOSE LJ USERS GO. IT SAYS 'PICTURE UNAVAILABLE,' RIGHT HEEEERE-EEEERE.

What I'm saying is: feel free to defriend me!

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PLUS! I'm all caught up on Elementary, yeah! Finally. I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm also really into The Mindy Project right now, though I seem to have the complete opposite taste of the rest of the world because I liked Seth Rogen's character a lot and I don't 'ship Mindy/Danny at all. (IS THIS BECAUSE I'VE NEVER 'SHIPPED RYAN/KELLY? IS THIS A TRANSFERENCE THING?) I keep catching more and more of Arrow, too, though I never have any strong thoughts about it, except that I think I'm experiencing a sort of Stockholm Syndrome with it, at least in regards to the flashbacks and that Arrow fella's hair. At first I found it plain terrible, but since I am almost always catching the last few minutes of the show while I wait for Supernatural to start, and those last few minutes are almost always flashbacks, I've grown accustomed to it? Maybe even a little attached? IS THIS WHAT ARGO WAS ABOUT????

Mmmm. Tastes... of... bog.

MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW. Aaaaaand cue midlife crisis. (Assuming I'll live only to the age of 60, which seems fair enough.) I also have to work tomorrow, and they're making me come in an hour early, so happy 13-hour shift to me!

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f y n e

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And then briefly:

- I'm 3 episodes behind on Elementary. Someone push me into that show, forcing contact. I need to be physically pushed here.

- Suburgatory remains my heart's happy place.

- The Office giveth, and then The Office taketh. Re: Brian the boom mic guy, of course.


Monday morning brain-crazy.

I'm going to create a TV show romanticizing ER registration clerks, with episodes about:

~ sorry, sir &/or ma'am, you can't go back to (patient's name HERE)'s bed until the doctor has seen them/run labs/figured that shit out, but absolutely feel free to stare me down from the waiting room chair until then, you're cool
~ 12 hours shifts and no lunch break
~ featuring brief appearances by the hunky EMS fellas (in real life they are more like rowdy uncles/jolly grandpas/cute boys next door, but whatever, it's TV, you have to handsome everyone up)
~ that one episode where nobody does anything but vomit
~ mystery diagnosis hour
~ creepy dudes who think it's charming to come onto you (starring: the 50 year old perv; the guy who put his fiancee as his emergency contact; the unemployed fellow who doesn't mind hitting on you in front of his dad; drunk old men; inmates from the prison; teenage boys in the throes of their youth; the dads of young patients; etc)
~ the many joys of hounding for insurance &/or payment arrangements
~ sweeps month where there is a 3 episode arc about the flu


Related: I've become addicted to Words with Friends. If anyone wants to play me, I'm javyjotti8 over there. Don't judge me on that username, it's my oldest and most cherished. Most of you guys have your hockey and your Super Bowls, but in the ancient year of 1999, I had baseball. And Javy Lopez.

Also, as a warning, I am terrible at Words with Friends, worryingly so, but there is a strong competitive spirit inside of me that makes me nuts, so probably you don't want to play me if you're not cool with me getting riled up and calling you an asshole if you hog the DW/TW tiles. Ha ha ha ha. But, uh. No. I'm serious. So.

I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR TV THIS WEEK! By which I mean, Community. COMMUNITY, I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH. COME INTO MY ARMS, I WANT TO CRADLE YOU CLOSE. One day scientists and scholars and grandchildren alike will ask, "How did anyone survive those long, bleak, very many months of zero exposure to Troy Barnes?" And we will weep, and we will recall many a'sustaining fanvid, and we will tell our tales like proper heroes of this great hiatus.

Real quick!

+ Guess what! It's my best pal, untitleddemo's, birthday! She is the Troy to my Abed and the only one I would ever go down a shameful Chad Michael Murray/Jared Padalecki 'shipping road with. I love you tons, brocow, and I can't wait until we are thriving in our cardboard mansion with its beautiful silverware art and celebrity roommates. STAY TIMELESS LIKE THE BEATLES. AND STEVE CARLSON. ILU BEST! <3

+ I cannot handle the amount of Tuesday and Wednesday night TV there is. Which is not to say I ever wanted Don't Trust The B and Ben and Kate to get cancelled, you dumb stupid universe! Ugh plus boo plus no plus WHY! Can there please be a single network that doesn't make poor decisions? I guess it's just me and the CW forever. Even though the only CW show I watch is Supernatural. And I'm still bitter over them cancelling Angel. So never mind.

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So, maybe some people quit watching Rookie Blue last season, and others weren't 100% satisfied with the 'shippy going-ons, but we can all admit that the whole show was stupidly pretty, right?

Rookie Blue is pretty: a season 3 picspam.Collapse )

20 great TV episodes, boom.

Now that LJ is done acting a'fool, I can post this picspam I've been working on that'll likely be of interest to me and -- oh, only just me? Cool, cool. One of the things I like best about Community and Supernatural both is that they know how to nail a theme episode. AND I LIKE ME A GOOD THEME EPISODE.

So I picked 10 of my favorite from each show for this picspam.Collapse )
The world didn't end today! Mayans, you have some explaining to do.

Yesterday, just in case the apocalypse was actually nigh, I spent all day with my nephews and sister. We went to Panama City where I dropped a whole paycheck on Christmas shopping. I would've been fine with the world ending, because I ate lots of last meals at Starbucks, Panera, and Taco Bell. JUST IN CASE, GUYS, ALRIGHT. Also, while at JCPenneys this little ol' lady was handing out cash reward buttons (and candy canes, but: irrelevant) and after giving one to my sister, who is younger than me by almost three years, she eyed me in a mistrustful way and asked, "are you over 18???" Complisult or humblebrag? It is too close to tell.

I'm working on one of those obnoxiously long favorites of 2012 lists, which are always hard because I like a lot of things, but I only really like-like a precious select few, but I will prevail before the new year.

SO UNTIL THEN, hey, here's a meme I took from my fave dollsome:

Please ask me questions about my OTPs in the comments!

I like how simple this one is. Just a cry for OTP chats!

ps; I am all caught up on Elementary episodes now! I will post my feelings on it soon-ish. Next up to watch: Shameless.
With respect to these slight Community spoilers, let's all watch this Jeff/Annie video and flip our shit, what do you say?

I LOVE THEM. Sometimes I forget that, and then I remember, and then it's beautiful inside my head. I don't know how that video is as delightful as it is, it doesn't even use the Pascal's kiss! Guess it must be magic.


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Here is a small novel about TV.

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In Cliff Notes version, I'm further watching (deep breaths): Don't Trust The B-- (June/Chloe = BEST, though JVDB's doing things on this show that are somehow magically erasing every bad thing Dawson Leery ever did, and if there's anything I come close to 'shipping it's June plus that tall, handsome-voiced Mark guy from the coffee shop); The Voice (BLAKE SHELTON, I ENJOY YOUR FACE); Chicago Fire (I'm a few eps behind on this, but I'm not the only one picking up slashy vibes between Severide and Casey, right?); Threesome (that finale gave me ALL THE EYE-HEARTS! also, why am I so into Mitch/Richie?! I don't think I even mean romantically, I think I just mean I want them to cuddle up and be lifemates and maybe wake up in the same bed together all the time with or without Alice, but mostly with); Modern Family (Phil Dunphy accidentally wooing Matthew Broderick was one of my favorite things the show's done, ever ever ever); and Parks and Rec (remember how nuts we all were over Ben/April like 3 weeks back? GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES! Leslie meeting Joe Biden, and cupping her hands to his face, was probably the pinnacle of perfection, so P&R can shut it down for the season, feelings quota has been met.)

I'm also rewatching Freaks and Geeks, because obviously there's not enough TV going on in my life, and it's giving me so many Lindsay/Nick feelings. JUST, OKAY, NICK AND HIS STUPID CRUSH AND HOW HE IS LITERALLY LIKE EVERY WEIRDO WHO'S EVER TRIED TO MAKE AN AWKWARD MOVE ON ME, ONLY: JASON SEGEL, SO: ACCEPTABLE, PLUS THEIR FIRST KISS HAPPENED BECAUSE HE WAS SO SAD OVER LIFE AND SAD MAKEOUTS ARE KINDA MY JAM! (F'real, I think my next picspam is going to be ~sad makeouts~ featuring the likes of Nick/Lindsay! Noel/Felicity from that time they kissed on the rooftop! Tim/Lyla crying it out on the streets of Dillon, TX! Kim/Bobby from Third Watch! Sam/Andy during the blackout! Etc).

Today is a good day.

I've held back on speaking my mind about politics, at least at work because that place is overrun with preachy conservatives (ugh, living in the Bible belt, man) but can I just take a second to shout a THANK FUCKING GOD that Barack's our president another 4 years? Maybe there are things he needs to to do better, but at the end of the day, a guy who can say this:

America, I believe we can build on the progress we've made and continue to fight for new jobs and new opportunity and new security for the middle class. I believe we can keep the promise of our founders, the idea that if you're willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. It doesn't matter whether you're black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in America if you're willing to try.

THAT IS WHO I WANT MY PRESIDENT TO BE. Tolerant and open-minded and who truly believes all men are created equal; not someone shifty who will cross out the scary words that make them uncomfortable in that speech.

ALSO. I'm not saying Barack should send me a personal "thanks, champ" or anything, but 2008 was my first time voting, and I voted for him and he won, and I voted again yesterday, for him, and, well. You see where I'm going with this.


And now let's forget about politics for another 4 years and talk about some TV.

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I had the longest night shift in the worldddd. Okay, it was only 13 hours, but that is a lot to ask of someone who is, how do I put this. Lazy. Yes. That. I know everyone else was glad of the extra hour that came in the middle of the night, but not me. I didn't need to live 1 A.M. two different times, thanks.

Here is a meme, because making fanmixes sounds fun. Mostly I just want to make cover art.

Give me a fandom/pairing and I will make you a mini fanmix of between 3-6 songs!

Fandoms I'd feel comfortable doing this: Community, Rookie Blue, Supernatural, New Girl, Parks and Rec, Parenthood, Buffy/Angel, The Borgias, The Office, Game of Thrones, Miranda, Cougar Town, etc.
Here is a BEST TV FAMILIES picspam I put together with my own best BFF, untitleddemo. We had a super hard time narrowing down the choices, and we left out a bunch of families we are fond of in our heart-ish spaces, but here are 25 of our favorites.

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