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I bought a computer so expect the frequency of my LJ posts to increase by at least 1%

[slides in coolly]

I've been here the whole time.

Look, here I am, same as ever. Hair slightly longer, but it's like I haven't aged a day these past however many months since I last posted pictures! (Probably because most of these were taken like a year ago, but that's alright, time is a circle.) Also, please note those x-rays because THAT'S RIGHT, back in August I broke my foot. Two months later that little bone has only healed 25% of the way, in case anyone is curious how long it takes for a Harry Potter-scar-looking fracture to mend. FOREVER is the answer to that. You know what else is forever? My bone being all jaggedy! No doctor that I've seen has bothered to straighten that little guy out, so now, I am eternally jaggedy of foot bone. That's cool, that's cool.

(Here is a fun recap of how I broke my foot: I got hit by an SUV while walking to work. WHOMP WHOMP.)

Back in June my bestie Danielle (and her weirder half, Pedro) vacationed in Washington (and Canada) and it was THE BEST TIME EVER because for about 3 days I trekked the west coast of WA with them. I third wheeled myself along like a sightseeing barnacle. We did so much exploring and hiking -- we went to both a sandy beach and a rocky beach, we traveled into a rain forest, we scaled the trails of mountain sides, we wandered around huge lakes, we stood at the side of rivers, we climbed the roots of a giant tree, we stared down the gush of waterfalls. Then we came back around and stayed in Seattle for 2 days, doing all of the tourist-y things I hadn't done despite living here for 3 years. That was almost as fun as the outdoorsy stuff. We read an entire Goosebumps book aloud, okay.

Anyway, Danielle, please move here! Thanks.

It would not be a proper update without some nephew spam!!! Look at these fools! Cole and Landon adore Hudson, they have bonded with him so easily. It warms the ol' heart muscles to see. Cole went on his first date over the summer. It's been wild times. I midlife crisis'ed at least twice over it. Landon's still the sweetest ever -- and the weirdest. Anytime I skype the nephs, it takes him foreverrr to get over being camera shy, and our chats usually take place with him hunkered down under the bed, forting himself in. For reals, biggest weirdo, but also biggest sweetheart. And Huds is a wild man. I haven't even met the kid yet (--planes are awful, so is having a job that doesn't pay for time off) but my sister delights in sending me videos of him shrieking, which is his preferred form of communication. Did you know babies can be impatient? Because Huds is the MOST at at that. My sister sent me a video one time of Huds getting ticked off because he couldn't pop the bubbles my sister was blowing at him fast enough. TICKED OFF AT BUBBLES! It is a beautiful thing to witness a 9-month old lose his cool over something like that. I mean, god help my sister and the monster he is soon to become. But still, hilarious.

In conclusion: nephews 4 lyfe.

Obligatory TV wrap-up, here we go:

You're the Worst = still the best (if Edgar doesn't get an episode soon where everyone is nice to him, I will fight my way into that show's writer's room and rewrite scripts.)

New Girl = my enjoyment would be tenfold if the show stripped away any and all romance, but I don't hate watching it and it's like 5 seasons in, so that's saying something. Winston remains the best. I know I just said I wanted the romance plots to die, but also, I liked that Robbie guy who was around in the last ep, I wouldn't hate if he was a thing.

The Mindy Project = I wound up reallyyy liking whatever was happening between Mindy/Jody last season, which made the premiere a cold dose of WHYYYY. I can't tell if the audience reaction was so strongly DO NOT WANT with that 'ship, the show bailed fast, or if they've got something else up their sleeves, but the build up to it was seemed so natural, and the resolution -- what is another word for BARF??? That being said, given the track record of relationships on this show, I shouldn't have been surprised. The longterm love interests always wind up being jerks. Spin me a new one, yo.

Have not watched any of Elementary or From Dusk Till Dawn yet.

YOU GUYS, I got super obsessed with that Youtube show Good Mythical Morning. Anyone else watch???
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