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my tax return is going to be $13 this year. thanks, obama.

For the first time in my long many years of life, I got summoned for jury duty, which is great for someone like me who works retail, has no car, and barely survives the world. But luckily I wasn't called in for any of the days, so, TAKE THAT, GOVERNMENT! YOU CAN TAKE MY LAND BUT YOU'LL NEVER TAKE -- we just watched that episode of Dawson's Creek the other day, by the way, where Pacey goes full on Bravehart at a beauty pageant, can you tell?

(Related: it took almost an entire two years, but untitleddemo and I made it through the Great Buffy -- and Angel -- Rewatch. Maybe one day I will rap on all the ways my feelings changed. Do you know I liked Riley this time around? And that my number 1 faves were Angel and Cordelia? That I barely even 'shipped Spike/Buffy outside of the super 'shippy eps? YEAH! Things got crazy on the rewatch. Anyway, my original point was, now that we made it through Buffy we're tackling Dawson's Creek which OH MY GOD were we all aware at the time that Dawson was a serial killer? I mean, I know he's the worst, that has never been in question, but he's legitimately a murdery-faced serial killer. And Grams is his partner, finding the sinners for him to get rid of. Where is the spinoff?)

Everyone on the other side of the country is talking about and flaunting news of some sort of crazy snow blizzard set to hit and I'm over here like [umbrella emoji] No fair, no fair. The only time it snowed this winter was a few days after Christmas, and it snowed JUST the handful of hours I was at work. By the time I was off, it had turned into an icy, mostly rain slush. That shift was the worst, let me tell you. I stared out the window in a sulk for hours straight, upset at the cruelness of it all.

My sister had Hudson on the 10th, just as he was expected. Look at this newest little monster.

He looks so much like Landon when Landon was that young, it's crazy. You guys are lucky LJ isn't at its heyday anymore because woo boy the nephew spam I'd get up to. Just saying j u s t s a y i n g.

TV-wise, I am pretty into Galavant right now, mostly because Timothy Odmundson is the greatest. I'm not feeling the Galavant/Isabella stuff in any way, but everything else is comedy gold and I wish for it to not only have another season but be twice as long. What say you about the show, dollsome?

I started watching the Shannara Chronicles because untitleddemo didn't want to watch it alone, and also what's his accent from Arrow is in it, but it's too new for me to have any strong feelings about beside 'boring but strangely watchable.' Anyone watching it with actually formed opinions?

I'm pret-ty obsessed with Richard Ayoade at the moment. Curse a world that not only deprives me of snow, but also a tv station where I can regularly watch this fellow deadpan his way through countries and gadgetry alike. (Sometimes I am certain, based solely on my tv choices, I am meant to live on another continent. I mean: My My Fat Diary, Miranda, Threesome, Bad Education, Skins, Big Fat Quiz, In The Flesh, Hunted, Sirens, etc etc etc. Granted I watch a lot of tv in general, but still. I am one Downton Abbey marathon away from being British.) Back to Richard Ayoade though. What a face. Come to America, please.

New Girl is back. Even when the show sucks, I'm still stoked to be watching it because I love Winston and Nick Miller so very much. I would not be angry if we got a bottle episode that was 22 minutes of either Winston and Ferguson shenanigans &/or Nick being angry at household appliances. That's it. From my lj to the writer's room, amen. (Or, alternatively, I would accept John Cho coming on as an actual love interest for Jess and not just some oneshot character.)
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