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I need new icons. The life struggle.

Game of Thrones does me wrong in so many ways, and yet. Look at these two. Just look at them.

And then look at this one and cry because EMOTIONS.

Can't the show justttt be about Sansa, Tyrion, and Arya? With the occasional side adventures of Jaime, Brienne, and Podrick? Danerys can show up every now and again but only to do cool dragon tricks. NO ONE ELSE ALLOWED, especially not dumb ol' Jon Snow or any of the million beardy dudes he wastes screentime with.


I liked last week's Community so much, which makes no sense considering it was pretty universally hated. Still, laughs aplenty on my end and I liked the '3 weeks earlier' shtick too. There have been so many great, weird, hilarious little moments, but overall this season gets a rating of: ehhhhh. One of my least favorite things is when the characters are bickering with one another and that's ALL THEY DO ANYMORE. Where's sweet Troy to make sure everyone's using their 'I love butterflies' voices??? Oh, and also there was that gif a week or two back of Dan Harmon emphatically answering 'yes' to the question of 'will Jeff and Annie finally get together?' and my brain still can't figure out how to respond. Right now it's like an animal suspicious of that left out plate of cheese. It feels like a trap, and yet. Cheese. I want the cheese.

IS EVERYONE ELSE SUPER STOKED FOR Rookie Blue TO RETURN OR IS THAT JUST ME? Okay, just me, that's cool, I will relive my Sam/Andy obsession like it's 2012 all over again, party-of-one style. I'M READY.

Elementary went out guns a'blazing. What a great, Mycroft-free season.

Will Friedle was on Girl Meets World the other night, much to my heart's delight. Me and untitleddemo recently wrapped up a Boy Meets World epic marathon so the nostalgia/feelings were still fresh. I watched the GMW episode with Shawn that came on the night before, too, but I gotta say: no thanks. On its own that show is probably the Disney Channel's usual brand of slapstick hilarity, but you cannot just have Cory Matthews as a secondary character, okay, my childhood won't allow it. Especially not when you add Shawn and Eric to the mix. Who cares what the youths are doing, GIVE ME ERIC AND CORY AND SHAWN AND TOPANGA. Then bring back Jack and Angela and Mr. Feeny too! And never mention those kids again, thanks!

And also, lastly, hooray The Mindy Project! Rescued by Hulu! Do I want to live in a world where all my favorite TV shows keep getting cancelled, no I do not, but so long as the internet is there to cradle some of these cancelled shows against its herioic bosom, I won't wish for alternate timelines just yet. Except for the one where Happy Endings also makes a comeback. MAKE IT HAPPEN, WORLD.
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