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ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten

Here is a BEST TV FAMILIES picspam I put together with my own best BFF, untitleddemo. We had a super hard time narrowing down the choices, and we left out a bunch of families we are fond of in our heart-ish spaces, but here are 25 of our favorites.

Arrested Development | The Bluths | Lucille, George, Buster, Gob, Lindsay, Michael, George Michael, Tobias, and Maeby
Michael: What have we always said is the most important thing?
George Michael: Breakfast.
Michael: Family.
George Michael: Oh, right. Family. I thought you meant of the things you eat.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer | The Summers | Joyce, Buffy, and Dawn
Joyce: Dawn... she's not mine, is she?
Buffy: No.
Joyce: She's... she does belong to us, though.
Buffy: Yes, she does.
Joyce: And she's important... to the world. Precious. As precious as you are to me. We have to take care of her. Buffy, promise me.

Cougar Town | The Cobbs | Bobby, Jules, and Travis
Jules: What are you guys doing here anyway?
Travis: We're stealing--
Jules: I'm in! I love it when we do things as a family!

Family Ties | The Keatons | Elyse, Steven, Alex, Mallory, Jennifer, Andrew
Mallory: My family is pretty simple as long as you follow a few simple rules. Don't get my father talking on capital punishment. Don't get my mom talking on women's lib. And don't get Alex talking.

Friday Night Lights | The Taylors | Eric, Tami, Julie, and Gracie
Tami: You know what?
Eric: Hmm?
Tami: No matter what happens, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, I’m always gonna be behind you. Always and always and always.

Game of Thrones | The Starks | Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon (plus Jon Snow)
Ned: War was easier than daughters.

Gilmore Girls | The Gilmores | Lorelai and Rory
Lorelai: So, apparently, I'm now the Reigning Lorelai.
Rory: Huh. I guess you are.
Lorelai: It's a lot of responsibility.
Rory: Well, sure.
Lorelai: I mean, it's mostly ceremonial stuff nowadays. Declaring knighthoods, opening supermarkets. But now and then, you get to banish someone or pose for a stamp.
Rory: Neat. And coins.
Lorelai: Yeah, and coins. You know, someday you'll be the Reigning Lorelai.
Rory: I don't like that idea!
Lorelai: Why not? You get a cape.
Rory: Because if I'm the Reigning Lorelai, then that means you'll be gone.
Lorelai: Gone? No, not me. I'll step down way before that. I'm not going to pull a Queen Elizabeth on you, make you wait around forever, force you to develop interests in polo and architecture.
Rory: I am scared of horses.
Lorelai: I know that.
Rory: So there's a cape, huh?

Glee | The Hummels | Burt and Kurt
Burt: I am so happy for you. I am so happy, and so proud. You and me, we made each other men. Just sometimes, I want my sweet little boy back. I'm going to miss you Kurt, I'm going to miss you a lot.
Kurt: I'm going to miss you too, Dad.

Married with Children | The Bundys | Al, Peggy, Kelly, and Bud
Al: I don't want more people in this house. I want less. I want my life back, dammit. I want my youth. I want my hair. I want... this room. It's really nice. Are you thinking of moving out, son?
Bud: No, Dad.
Al: Damn. Well, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Modern Family | The Pritchetts | Jay, Mitchell and Claire (plus Gloria, Manny, Phil, Haley, Alex, Luke, Cam, and Lily)
Jay: When you're young and dreaming of your family, you think of this perfect family; perfect wife, perfect kids. Look at me, I got this sorry bunch. But you know I wouldn't trade them for anything.

One Tree Hill | The Scotts | Lucas and Nathan
Nathan: You sure you're up for this, old man?
Lucas: I could do this forever, little brother.

Parenthood | The Bravermans | Zeek, Camille, Adam, Sarah, Crosby, and Julia (plus Kristina, Max, Haddie, Nora, Amber, Drew, Joel, Sydney, Victor, Jasmine, and Jabbar)
Zeek: Amber, you know, I was two years in Viet Nam. Do you know what I thought about, what I dreamt about? Coming home, having a family, having grandkids. I dreamt you, Amber. And Haddie, and Drew, and Sydney and Max. We almost lost ya, Amber. You've had some bad breaks. You're not feeling good about yourself. You didn't get into Berkeley? Well, boo friggin who. You got to suck it up, girl, you're a Braverman. You got my blood in your veins. If you ever do something like this again, if you even think of doing something like this again, I will kick your little butt all the way from here to the Golden Gate Bridge. You do not have my permission to mess with my dreams. Are we clear?

Roseanne | The Conners | Dan, Roseanne, Becky, Darlene, and DJ (plus Aunt Jackie)
Becky: What's all this fuss about Mother's Day? I don't remember us getting like a Kids' Day.
Dan: Someday, my precious angel, you too will be a parent and then you will realize that every day is Kids' Day.

Skins | The Stonems | Tony and Effy
Tony: I start to feel distorted ’cause I’m more than that. I don’t wanna be a wanker. Effy knows that. She loves me for who I really am. God, I sound like fucking Lionel Richie.

Six Feet Under | The Fishers | Ruth, Nate, David, and Claire
Ruth: Clearly there's something wrong with me that you hide something like this from me, your brother and sister knew for months.
Nate: I wanted to protect you.
Ruth: You're not supposed to protect me. I'm supposed to protect you. That's what a mother does. She tries. Most of the time she fails, but how are you ever going to feel loved if you don't ever let me try?
Nate: I do. I do feel loved.

Supernatural | The Winchesters | Dean and Sam
Chuck: In between jobs, Sam and Dean would sometimes get a day -- sometimes a week, if they were lucky. They'd pass the time lining their pockets. Sam used to insist on honest work, but now he hustles pool, like his brother. They could go anywhere and do anything. They drove a thousand miles for an Ozzy show. Two days for a Jayhawks game. And when it was clear, they'd park her in the middle of nowhere, sit on the hood, and watch the stars... for hours... without saying a word. It never occurred to them that, sure, maybe they never really had a roof and four walls but they were never, in fact, homeless.

Teen Wolf | The Stilinskys | Stiles and Sheriff Stilinsky
Stiles: I'm not a hero, Dad.
Sheriff Stilinsky: You were last night.

The Borgias | The Borgias | Rodrigo, Juan, Cesare, Lucrezia, and Joffre
Lucrezia: Do I have to marry, Cesare?
Cesare: No. You can take the cloth, like me. You can become a nun. Live in sanctity and prayer, like Abelard and Héloïse.
Lucrezia: Did they love each other?
Cesare: With a love as pure and all-consuming as the love of God.
Lucrezia: So then. I shall become a nun. I shall never love a husband as I love you, Cesare.
Cesare: I am afraid, dear sis, that the Pope does not ask you to love your future husband, merely to marry him.
Lucrezia: So, love and marriage. Are they incompatible?
Cesare: No, but I have been told that one does not imply the other.

The Cosby Show | The Huxtables | Cliff, Clair, Denise, Vanessa, Theo, and Rudy
Clair: So you don't want another one?
Cliff: There's times that I don't even want the ones we have.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | The Banks | Philip, Vivian, Hilary, Carlton, Ashley, Will, and Nicky
Ashley: I'm really glad that you're living here, Will.
Will: Oh, thanks, Ash.
Ashley: You're like the big brother I never had.
Will: Oh, wait, what are you talking about? You got Carl... you're right. I see your point.

The OC | The Cohens | Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, and Ryan
Sandy: I know the last few years have been a roller coaster. There's been tragedy and comedy and first loves, broken hearts, family members we've lost and found. It hasn't all been perfect, but we're all a family here. So cheers.

The Simpsons | The Simpsons | Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
Lisa: A man who envies our family is a man who needs help.

The Vampire Diaries | The Salvatores | Damon and Stefan
Stefan: I'm sorry.
Damon: About what?
Stefan: For being the guy that made you turn, 145 years ago.
Damon: Enough, Stef, it's late. No need to rehash that.
Stefan: Well, you know, I've never said it outloud. I guess I just need to say it and you need to hear it. I'm sorry. What I did was selfish. I didn't want to be alone. Guess I just needed my brother.

The Wonder Years | The Arnolds | Norma, Jack, Kevin, Wayne, and Karen
Kevin: And so we finally got our new car. It wasn't red, it wasn't a convertible, heck, it wasn't even a Mustang. But it was brand new. And it was pretty cool. 'Course, Dad got his shot at king-for-a-day... and we were happy for him. But that afternoon, I began to understand what Dad had been going through. There was more to that old car than fuel pumps and crankshafts. There was a part of all of us in that car. The places we'd gone, the things we'd done... the family we had been. The family that was moving on. And for the first time, I understood the value of what my Dad had put into it. And why it was so hard to let it go.

Veronica Mars | The Mars | Keith and Veronica
Keith: Who's your daddy?
Veronica: I hate it when you say that.

Who are your favorite TV families, friendslist?
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