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Digging up past uglies.

I guess apparently it's "Fool For Love aired on TV 10 years ago" day today, so, bam. A re-posting.

I love this episode. I love it for the back story on Spike, and for the Scooby moments in the graveyard, but I love it best for the final scene on the porch. It's one of the first times I can remember being rendered clappy-handed/speechless by something I'd seen on TV, because here you have Spike, this soulless vampire, literally coming to blow his mortal enemy away with a shotgun blast to kingdom come... and all it takes is the sight of her crying to throw him so far off balance, he forgets what he is and who they are and asks, full of genuine concern, what's wrong with her. FOR SERIOUS. The awkward back pat makes my heart flutter to this day, as does the way Spike can't stop staring at Buffy, like maybe before the pieces of Spike's feelings for her have always existed half-acknowledged, but right there, right on that porch, it is all clicking into place. And their shared sigh? JUST SO GOOD.
Tags: 'ships: spike/buffy, tv: buffy
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