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(mostly) FRIENDS ONLY. Comment if you'd like to be added.

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Hi! I love your fic. May I be your friend? :)
This always feels so awkward, but I've been stalking you for fic related purposes for ages now and the combination of your awesome fic and your Annie/Jeff squeeing makes me incredibly happy. Also you like Mark on P&R. I thought I was the only one who liked that adorable dude. Friends?
I'd love to be added. Friends? :D
HEY! I normally don't just pop and ask people to be friends. :D But I recently fell in love with Community and was told to check out your icons and I found out that you also liked Buffy and Angel VM and and HIMYM and yeah. :D
Wanna be friends?
Hi! I am new to community fandom but I just discovered your fic list and really enjoyed them! Is it cool if I friend you?
Hi, your fic list is full of things that I love with all my heart and I would like to have you on my f-list. Is that cool?
*jumps up and down*
add me add me!
Oh my god! Can we be friends because you have a Dr Horrible banner and love Joss Whedon. I mean, there can't be a more perfect match unless you were Dr Horrible and I was Moist.

Ok, but seriously. I don't have many posts, but feel free to head over to my journal and check it out. Maybe you can tell me how to create an awesome banner like yours...I'm a LJ virgin, I'm afraid.

Anyway...Rookie Blue + Dr Horrible + Joss Whedon = me LJ crushing on you.
I've been looking for new friends, especially Community ones. I was a fan of your icons back in BtVS times so I was jazzed to see you so involved in Community. Just wanted to drop you a line.

Hello. I'm adding you as a friend because I can't not have someone with the tag "Swarek's a total Pacey" on my flist. Also, I've been reading your lj for weeks in a creepy stalkerish fashion, and this will legitimise that. Sort of.
I've been reading your RB posts since S2 started, because I got sucked in via other RB posts/fic/comments, and I finally got off my lazy ass to do something about it.

It's so nice to have others to squee with. This fandom is still tiny.
I'm also here in the interest of mutual Rookie Blue and hottie McSwarek flailing!! :)
I really enjoy reading your reactions to each week's How I Met Your Mother and Community (esp Community). Plus, you know, I also like your fics...

Hi, we have all the mutual friends/interests and I adore your FO banner. Friends please?
Hello! Yes, absolutely, let's be friends!
I'm also a Rookie Blue person who's been reading your lj lately, so can I just friend you? Grow the fandom and all that :)
Friends? I'm just a Rookie Blue addict, looking for support :D Although I'd totally friend you just for your Day 12 meme answer.
So, I totally thought that I had already commented here when I friended you months ago, but I didn't. (Oops) And since you just added me back, I figured this would be a good time to say hi and how much I love Rookie Blue and half of your other fandoms. :)
Hey there! I would like to be added. Thanks!
I’ve been reading your Rookie Blue posts for awhile (well, more accurately, I’ve been reading most of your fandom posts for awhile), so I added you as a friend. Hi!
Hey there, I guess I found the reason I can't look at your old picspam. Sorry for spaming you here and in your inbox, but I thought I need comment here to be added ;)

Would be awesome if you friend me back, I love your picspams! I'll credit you and send you a link to the finished work if you allow me to use it as reference. Thanks!
Hi can I be added
Hi! Came across your journal through the dean/cas comm and I wondered if you'd add me?
I just grabbed one of your lovely Felicity icons and we have a lot of interests and flisters in common. Friends?

Mostly I want someone around to flail with about Rookie Blue, and also you're a great writer and your reaction on shows is adorable and fun to read. So, you know. That.

*smiles winningly*
HI! We interacted briefly over Supernatural at dollsome's romcom ficathon, and then I proceeded to stalk your Tumblr for Dean/Cas goodies. (I just started the show. I am obsessed.) Wondering if we could be friends?
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