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(mostly) FRIENDS ONLY. Comment if you'd like to be added.

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Hey there! I'm in search of your icons, and can't access any of your AtS/BtVS graphic posty goodness, and I'd like to. Thusly, I comment.
Hi, dollsome's friend! (That's how I know you because she's always recommending your stuff... also your fanfic is awesome) I assume you added me from Community? Is it okay if I add you back?
Hello, fellow friend of dollsome! Yes, please, friend back if you'd like. I did add you because of your brilliant and spot-on Community picspams (plus, oh my godddd, the most a-m-a-z-i-n-g Jeff/Annie vid in the WORLD. I am on dial-up and yet I have managed to view that thing more times than is sane. You sure you want to take that on?)
I just discovered that I love Community and I love Jeff/Annie and I NEED TO READ ALL THE FIC IN THE WORLD ABOUT THEM.

Um. Like yours. :D
Friends? :D

Okay, so I just read your write up of this week's Community (while trying to find the "you go girl" icon you made) and decided I would like to be friends. So...? Friends?
I'm adding you, because you love a lot of the things I love and whatnot! ♥ :)
Ok, so I am officially THE WORST in forgetting to wish you a happy day of birth on your actual day of birth. Can we maybe pretend this is just me trying to drag out the holiday spirit a little longer (Yes, your birthday is considered a holiday)? You are the most awesome of the awesome and I hope you lived the day up with BK and TV =)
I saw your Bones' icons,so cute! Add me?
commenting for add.
would it be okay if I added you? I'm new to Community (though NOT new to the sexy that is Joel) (watched 17 episodes in a ROW last night) and LOVE your icons, would love to have them pop up in my flist on a regular basis.

We appear to have quite a few things in common. Namely a great love for Community, Jeff/Annie, and Parks & Rec. Friends?
would love to be added too if you don't mind.

He wants to be your friend.

(Also, the hammer? Is his penis. That's all imma say.)
Hi, found you via friendsoffriends. Add?
I would love to read them if you would unlock them! They get so much praise in the "best of buffy" lists.
Really? Me? Huh, hmm, what? You sure about that? Ha, sorry. I'm just a little disoriented, since my Buffy stories mostly flew under the radar.

So, any stories in particular you'd like for me to unlock? Otherwise, I will just randomly unlock ones that maybe aren't so terrible.
Hi there. I've read your journal here and there for a while (and added you before I had any idea of how LJ worked)--but I figured now that I'm starting to understand LJ, I should tell you that you're hilarious. And I love about a billion of the same things you do, it seems: including but not limited to Community, Buffy, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, and... I'm pretty sure there was more. But, this is me asking if we can be the friends. (If I hadn't already added you, I'd be asking to add you--but that would be pointless, now, wouldn't it?)
Hello! Definitely friended you back. And I look forward to many conversations about all those amazing shows! (Sorry to have not friended you back earlier, by the way. Sometimes my 'friends of' list gets a little out of hand, and I never know who is around and just lurking, or who actually wants to be friends.)
Hey there, I've seen you around LJ ~forever. We have a lot of the same fandoms, mostly in the tv department, so I say let's be friends :) Need moar Parks&Rec people in my life.
Yes! I could always do with more Parks and Rec friends. I love that show! And I totally added you.

We have a bunch of mutual friends and shows in common and even though we don't ship the same thing pairing for pairing across the board, YOU SHIP GEORGE/IZZIE AND SAM/FREDDIE AND ANYONE WHO LIKES ICARLY IS COOL IN MY BOOK. Accidental capslock, it happens. Friends? :)
I love your fic and hearing your thoughts on Jeff/Annie. It seems that we have a few other fandoms in common as well. Hoping for an ad!
Could I be your friend? You're like my multi-fandom ship twin, and your fic rocks!
Your Debate 109 vs Conspiracy picspam makes me believe you are awesome and I've read a few of your Community reviews which are crazy fun to read. I think we have a few other interests/ships in common as well. I need more Jeff/Annie squeeing on my flist. Friends?
Um, I know you never talk about it because it's soooo not an active fandom but you have Carnivale on your list and you love Community, and Jeff/Annie.

I feel like you need to be on my list. :)
I don't know if you have seen this yet:

And we legit need to be friends, or I need to stalk you so I can read and squee about Jeff/Annie everyday instead of just squeeing on my own.
Hi Jennifer, my name is Laura and I spent the majority of my evening doing some friendly stalking of your journal due to the copious delicious amounts of Jeff/Annie love. I recently discovered Community-and they are so my favorite. Not sure if you're adding, but consider my funky ass--i want someone to squee with. xo.
Yes, nice! I do love getting new friends, especially ones that like to indulge in the occasional Jeff/Annie-related freak-out. Hello!
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