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(mostly) FRIENDS ONLY. Comment if you'd like to be added.

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let's be friends.
i friended you cause you make icons that i keep seeing and loving and so therefore you must bbe awesome...friend me back if you like :D
Ok, this might be a really weird thing, but right here is a meme of love for severuslovesme, and as one of her friends, I just want a lot of people to tell her how awesome she is. :D

Sorry if this seems creeper-esque. *sheepish smile*
Ahaha, ok, so I finally bit the bullet and friended you because you make me laugh. And you totally stick it to Jeanine in a truthy, loving manner, which makes me smile.

A secret? I totally loved the pink power ranger when I was a kid. I wanted to BE her. So the fact that she has D. Bo's face morphed on her in that image make me laugh.

Anyway... :/
add me because you are what keeps me coming back to LJ. <3
Just dropping a note that I am friending you because I've seen you around dollsome's journal a bit and your thoughts on The Office bring me joy (Andy/Angela! Pam/Toby! I AM SO GLAD THAT THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT TOBY'S CRUSH ON PAM WAS ADORABLE AND NOT CREEPY). No need to friend me back or anything, I just wanted to comment so you'd know I wasn't like some CRAZY STALKER. Um, anyway. ♥!
Hi there! I just started getting back into livejournal, and I would love to be added again. :)
your picspams and general love of the office and grey's are fantastic... may I friend you?
Sad to see you've F-Locked all your pic spams and your icons now. Could you add me back (feel free to filter me away) so I can see it again? Or tell me if you post them anywhere else?
May I please? I'd love to be added. :)

*laughs at your Gay Rangers Only banner*
i love your Buffy and Office picspams very, very much. They really make me laugh and I desire for continuous access :D may friending occur? <3
Looking forward to viewing your George&Izzie picspam. =:-) Thanks in advance if you add me.
Okay, I have to friend you, if only for that friends only banner, which is quite possibly one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life. (Gay Punch!) Also, your icons/picspams etc are pretty much awesome, and I'd love to be able to see them again. :)

I've been a big fan of your lovely graphics, and glancing through your interests and your friends, I realized we had more than a few interests in common, as well as some mutual friends.

I'd love to add you to my flist and to be added to yours so that I can continue to see your graphics, if that's cool with you.


July 28 2009, 05:02:02 UTC 7 years ago

Just finished re reading your story black lines to battlefields. great story idea. sure wish a muse would strike and you could finish your story. would love to see spike get past buffy to a independent future for himself.

I have read your entries since the beginning :) Like 5 years ago or someting. I remember those golden Buffyats iconage days. After that vm owns all :P
my more than half of my icon archieve was yours. If you add me back i would be happy :)
hi! OK, don't take this the wrong way, like i don't want to be friends with you or something, because i do... but i have no recollection of friending you! i saw that you added me, so then i went to add you, but you were already there. i mean, that's weird. perhaps fate just wants us to be together.
Hi! I'd like to be added. I'd like to be able to see your graphics!
I want to friend you cause I would love to see your Buffy and Office icons. :) My friend nightlydivision has some of your buffy icons and they are awesome.
Would love to add you because your picspams are amazing (and if about Dean, shallow 8D 8D), plus I've also had a couple fic recs, I love your icons, and you're commentary is win. Is that all right, and can I be added in return? 8D
i just sent you a pm requesting to be added. then i saw this. add me please? i love your stuff.
Hi! *waves*

I have seen people making very positive comments on your graphics and I've seen some of them used here and there. I liked them a lot! I would very much love to see the rest of them! Friends? :)
Dwam shippers must stick together. Friend?
Obviously! But I have to warn you: I haven't been watching The Office a lot lately. Not that my love for the show has exactly waned--I just haven't been interested enough in certain developments to avidly tune in.

Still crazy about Dwight/Pam, though!
I'm friending you because I really liked the first part of your Rachel/Puck story.
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