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(mostly) FRIENDS ONLY. Comment if you'd like to be added.

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Ok, not to go all stalker! on you, but since I noticed an icon of yours a while back, I'll occasionally keep checking your journal to see if there's any new ones, etc., but you seem funny and nice, and I, too, am all a'flutter over Harry Potter (not to mention FNL, Buffy and Angel, and The Office). So I'm adding you. Just wanted to comment and let you know, so if you get random comments from me, you're not all, "Who is this person commenting in my journal and abusing capslock and commas?" Also, to reduce the stalker!factor.
Hi! Just wanted to know if you'd friend me back. I know you through Buffy/Office fics and icons and my friend dollsome, and we share OH SO MANY fandoms. :D
Hey, I've seen your name around my friend's list a bit and I came across your journal because I recently got into the FNL fandom (and by that I mean, I watched the entire first season this past week). We have a lot of interests in common, so I hope it's ok that I'm adding you!
friend me? because I am awesome!
here via aimtomiss's getting to know you post. We have stuff in common so I added. Hi!
Hi! I've lurked on your journal before, but I decided to finally add you. I'd love if you add back because we have lots of fandoms and music love in common, like Buffy, Angel, The Office, Veronica Mars, Brand New (!!), The Spill Canvas, Something Corporate, etc. We've also got a few friends in common.

So, I'd be cool if you want to add back, but if not I understand. Thanks!
you seem like fun. Evil evil fun :D Friends?
I just wanted to let you know that I'm friending you. I always check out your last few entries every time you post Office icons and I find them (& you) to be highly entertaining. So anyway, you can add me if you want. Or not. Whatever you want to do. But I just feel weird adding people without telling them. Hence, this comment!
I saw all the pretties and had to friend you :)
Hope that was ok?
Hello! I saw you on the friends meme and we share some interests. I'm with you on the Supernatural love (Jensen Ackles is just yummy, but I think Gilmore Girls, love it though I do, may have forever wussified Jared Padalecki).

Mind if I friend you?
Hey there, please don't spank me if I'm too lazy to read anything else on your journal, but one look at your header made me feel like you're an artist, and I want you to see my icons and get my private graphics and vice versa.

This is why I want you to friend me. Thank you!
Fun/crazy fannish stuff? I'm in!
Just popping in to wish you a very happy birthday :D

Somehow it seems that we are not friends. This makes me sad. So I've added you - hope that's ok.
I've recently been on a fairly long hiatus, but am now back and loving your work!
seems your graphics are very cool. friend me? :)
"fic/icon posts will remain unlocked"
forgive me, i'm stupid :P
That's very cool.
Hiya. :) I check out your journal every once in a while 'cos I see that you love O'Stevens and The Office. I loove your icons... I see that you've added some new O'Stevens ones... I'm not going to give up on them even though the devil Shonda already has. >_< Anyway, care to friend back? :)
It's going to be awesome!

Deleted comment

Hi, I friended you because of your 5 Characters Who Weren't the Slayer story. Feel free to friend back or not -- my journal's pretty dull.
Howdy. *waves* I just wanted to let you know that I'm friending you; I've showed up late to the big crazy Buffy party and don't want to miss out on the fangirl squee while there's still someone squeeing. (Also don't want to miss anything like that fabulous spuffy picspam you did a few weeks back.) Just giving you a heads-up so you don't have to go "the hell? Why is she friending me?" ;)
Hey there! I popped over for Dr. Horrible caps, then realized your SHEER AWESOMOSITY, and had to friend you :) Hope you don't mind!

(Snagged a few icons as well, and will credit!)
hullo! just thought that I'd say hi and I've friended you because of your fantastic icons but you like sytycd too! so I hope posts about that will be unlocked or something because I'm absolutely obsessed with the show but I only know one person other than me and my mom that watches it.
HEY! HI! So, I *was* crazybohemian18 and boring, and then I stopped posting altogether, but *now* I am heylabodega and magically 150% more interesting, mostly because I'll actually be posting and could you possibly add me back?
Hey! I came across your journal through friendsfriends browsing, noticed the awesome Dr. Horrible icons, the Toby/Pam love, the Pacey love, the Spuffy love, etc., and decided we should be friends. (OKAY. THAT WAS SUCH A LIE. I mean, I love those things, too, but JESSE LACEY. BRAND NEW. I love Deja Entendu like a mad thing, and it seems you do too.) Friends?
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