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(mostly) FRIENDS ONLY. Comment if you'd like to be added.

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I'd love to be added.
i hope i can be kept? :)
I came for the icons, I'd like to stay for the mockery!
I'd like to be added.
Added you and would love to be added back. I mean, Fangirlish spamming and Frequent pointless updates? w00t. ;)
Hi. I 'd like to be added if it's okay.. :) . I think that you are really funny and like reading your posts. Pretty please with sugar on top? :P .
Commenting to be added.
Okay that banner and accompanying icon are hysterical. Bwahahahaha...

And if we are already friend-ed, do we count? Cause if not, yes, i'd love to stay and play :)
C4J~ Lovin' the banner!!
props to bana76!
Yah, My LJ hasn't been updated for a while, i've been really busy with RL, but I always find time to read the FL! SO! Please keep me on! The FO banner alone is one of the many things I would miss about your LJ! :)
add me please?

I'd love to be added, if you don't mind. :)
Hey I love your icons and your fiction, would like to get to know you a bit better, can I be added please!!!
LMFAO!!! I love your friends only banner!! It's probally just the Angel and Spike that gets me!! Even though I don't think Spike is gay at all in way shape or But friends??
All of your graphics are beautiful by the way;)
I came for the icons and pretty music recs but really wanna stay for the smite, the spam and pointless updates, hope you add me back :)
Hi! I've been away for the summer and missed your big friends-cut. I do understand if you don't read my journal, but I like yours, and I would love to be able to read it again.
i've been reading your journal for a while now but have never actually commented :o/ i'd love to be friended back tho. I don't really write much in my journal but love reading other ppl's lol. and omg spuffy love <3
PS- awesome friends only banner! :D
I don't think I'm on your flist, but I've really enjoyed reading your LJ (and I'm pretty sure I've even replied to your posts, from time to time), so I'd love to be added!
Friend? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
FO? It's a radical step. I really enjoy the fic and icon posts but I'll miss the pic spams if I'm left off the flist.

And "The Secret Of Happiness" was the absolute best short fic of 2006.
Hey, I feel like I've drooled over enough of your icons and pic spams that I should probably add you to my flist...just as I see you've gone Friends Only. Heh. Anyway, if you'd like to add me back, that'd be great. As if the continuing Spuffy love wasn't enough, now I find you've got Office fic too? Off to read.
You've been nominated at 100pixel_awards.
you have won an award at 100pixel_awards :)
I'm inlove with your picspams!
Hi! For some reason I think we used to be friends, or quite possibley I just see your name so much I thought you were on my flist! Anyway, I think we have a lot and common and would love to get to know you!
I was browsing your icons but ended up reading some of your entries and I think we'd get along. Is it cool if I friend you?
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