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(mostly) FRIENDS ONLY. Comment if you'd like to be added.

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Please? I'd miss you terribly.

Go go power rangers, you mighty morphin power rangers! It's almost a bobble-head. I keep expecting to see it on a dashboard wiggling at me.

No de-friending, right? That'd be something I couldn't take.
I'd like to be added. Thank You!
Add me! If you have an icon filter, put me on it. :)
I was going to beg to be added on and then I checked and 'D'Oh!' - I'm already on :)
I get to stay right right? :D *gives big puppy dog eyes*
WTF you know I wanna be added. I enjoy the fangirlish spamming and mockery. It's amusing. ;P
I would LOVE to be added! I've had you on my list for a while, and I think you're amazing, and not just because of your awesome icon making skills. Would you consider adding me back?

Also that Mighty Morphin Power Spike! icon NEVER fails to crack me up. :)
Well, I hope you add me cause I have tons of your Icons saved, you like the damned Braves and are a Spuffy freak.

Deleted comment


12 years ago

I better stay. :P

And your icon? Just keeled me ded.
that icon
i have no words that explain my laugher at the moment.
me, please :)
I've only had you friended for a little while but I've enjoyed my time here, even though I suck at commenting, so if you want, check me out and hopefully friend me back. I'm an old, old time Spike/Buffy shipper. :)
Power Ranger Spike? ::stabs:: There. I feel better now. :-P
I better be friended without even having to comment you ho XD

Friend this LJ and tidal_pool
i wanna be ur friend.

i will comment really *puppy eyes* and..lurve your to read..

[spuffy love 4evR thnx]
Hey , I have you on my f-list for a while now , you know how much I appreciate your contribution to the spuffy love..
so hoping you friend me back!

Needless to say I enjoy your 'pointless' updates. ;)

Friends only huh. That must mean you have some dark secrets that you don't want the world to know about!!

Good ;)
Looks at icon ::dies:: After that you must add me to your flist. Hee, hee, hee.
Love the icon! I've had you friended for a while not only for you wonderful icon-making skills but I love reading your posts :) Some of the fangirlish spamming sounds like fun, so it'd be great to be added to your flist *g*
*scratches head*
I'm not on your F-List, but your are on mine...
If you will, you can add me back...
I'm glad though, that the Fic/Icon post weill remain unlocked.
I comment mostly at SR for the fics anyway - and you post there, too.
I'd like to be added. I enjoy reading your mockery of people. And fangirlish spamming is always fun.
I enjoy reading your mockery of people.

Haha! I added you :)


12 years ago

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