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I've been here the whole time.

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Obligatory TV wrap-up, here we go:

You're the Worst = still the best (if Edgar doesn't get an episode soon where everyone is nice to him, I will fight my way into that show's writer's room and rewrite scripts.)

New Girl = my enjoyment would be tenfold if the show stripped away any and all romance, but I don't hate watching it and it's like 5 seasons in, so that's saying something. Winston remains the best. I know I just said I wanted the romance plots to die, but also, I liked that Robbie guy who was around in the last ep, I wouldn't hate if he was a thing.

The Mindy Project = I wound up reallyyy liking whatever was happening between Mindy/Jody last season, which made the premiere a cold dose of WHYYYY. I can't tell if the audience reaction was so strongly DO NOT WANT with that 'ship, the show bailed fast, or if they've got something else up their sleeves, but the build up to it was seemed so natural, and the resolution -- what is another word for BARF??? That being said, given the track record of relationships on this show, I shouldn't have been surprised. The longterm love interests always wind up being jerks. Spin me a new one, yo.

Have not watched any of Elementary or From Dusk Till Dawn yet.

YOU GUYS, I got super obsessed with that Youtube show Good Mythical Morning. Anyone else watch???
For the first time in my long many years of life, I got summoned for jury duty, which is great for someone like me who works retail, has no car, and barely survives the world. But luckily I wasn't called in for any of the days, so, TAKE THAT, GOVERNMENT! YOU CAN TAKE MY LAND BUT YOU'LL NEVER TAKE -- we just watched that episode of Dawson's Creek the other day, by the way, where Pacey goes full on Bravehart at a beauty pageant, can you tell?

(Related: it took almost an entire two years, but untitleddemo and I made it through the Great Buffy -- and Angel -- Rewatch. Maybe one day I will rap on all the ways my feelings changed. Do you know I liked Riley this time around? And that my number 1 faves were Angel and Cordelia? That I barely even 'shipped Spike/Buffy outside of the super 'shippy eps? YEAH! Things got crazy on the rewatch. Anyway, my original point was, now that we made it through Buffy we're tackling Dawson's Creek which OH MY GOD were we all aware at the time that Dawson was a serial killer? I mean, I know he's the worst, that has never been in question, but he's legitimately a murdery-faced serial killer. And Grams is his partner, finding the sinners for him to get rid of. Where is the spinoff?)

Everyone on the other side of the country is talking about and flaunting news of some sort of crazy snow blizzard set to hit and I'm over here like [umbrella emoji] No fair, no fair. The only time it snowed this winter was a few days after Christmas, and it snowed JUST the handful of hours I was at work. By the time I was off, it had turned into an icy, mostly rain slush. That shift was the worst, let me tell you. I stared out the window in a sulk for hours straight, upset at the cruelness of it all.

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TV-wise, I am pretty into Galavant right now, mostly because Timothy Odmundson is the greatest. I'm not feeling the Galavant/Isabella stuff in any way, but everything else is comedy gold and I wish for it to not only have another season but be twice as long. What say you about the show, dollsome?

I started watching the Shannara Chronicles because untitleddemo didn't want to watch it alone, and also what's his accent from Arrow is in it, but it's too new for me to have any strong feelings about beside 'boring but strangely watchable.' Anyone watching it with actually formed opinions?

I'm pret-ty obsessed with Richard Ayoade at the moment. Curse a world that not only deprives me of snow, but also a tv station where I can regularly watch this fellow deadpan his way through countries and gadgetry alike. (Sometimes I am certain, based solely on my tv choices, I am meant to live on another continent. I mean: My My Fat Diary, Miranda, Threesome, Bad Education, Skins, Big Fat Quiz, In The Flesh, Hunted, Sirens, etc etc etc. Granted I watch a lot of tv in general, but still. I am one Downton Abbey marathon away from being British.) Back to Richard Ayoade though. What a face. Come to America, please.

New Girl is back. Even when the show sucks, I'm still stoked to be watching it because I love Winston and Nick Miller so very much. I would not be angry if we got a bottle episode that was 22 minutes of either Winston and Ferguson shenanigans &/or Nick being angry at household appliances. That's it. From my lj to the writer's room, amen. (Or, alternatively, I would accept John Cho coming on as an actual love interest for Jess and not just some oneshot character.)

tv meme

Hello everyone! Hi.

I've come back to do that 'TV of 2015' meme that has happened yearly around these here parts for who even knows how long -- one year, ten years, what a mystery. The worst part is I've updated so infrequently this year that I can't use my lj to jog my brain for answers to this dumb ol' meme.

Let's see, what else. My oldest nephew turned TEN today. I hope that makes anyone still reading this on their friendslist feel as old as it makes me feel. Most of you guys have been around since Cole was born and I was obsessively journaling the dual misery and joy his existence caused me. HE'S TEN NOW. It's bananas to the highest degree. Even more nuts than that, my sister's due to give birth to nephew number three in exactly eight days, unless he feels like coming sooner or later. B A N A N A S.

Everyone's Christmas was good? New Years?

I can"t believe I still remember how to do an lj cut. Good for you, brain. Let"s meme it up.Collapse )

Yo. Friends.

Poll #2016042 Check check.



Remember when V-Gifts were a thing?

Yes, because they're all over my profile.
No, this is gibberish.


I need new icons. The life struggle.

Game of Thrones does me wrong in so many ways, and yet. Look at these two. Just look at them.

And then look at this one and cry because EMOTIONS.

Can't the show justttt be about Sansa, Tyrion, and Arya? With the occasional side adventures of Jaime, Brienne, and Podrick? Danerys can show up every now and again but only to do cool dragon tricks. NO ONE ELSE ALLOWED, especially not dumb ol' Jon Snow or any of the million beardy dudes he wastes screentime with.


I liked last week's Community so much, which makes no sense considering it was pretty universally hated. Still, laughs aplenty on my end and I liked the '3 weeks earlier' shtick too. There have been so many great, weird, hilarious little moments, but overall this season gets a rating of: ehhhhh. One of my least favorite things is when the characters are bickering with one another and that's ALL THEY DO ANYMORE. Where's sweet Troy to make sure everyone's using their 'I love butterflies' voices??? Oh, and also there was that gif a week or two back of Dan Harmon emphatically answering 'yes' to the question of 'will Jeff and Annie finally get together?' and my brain still can't figure out how to respond. Right now it's like an animal suspicious of that left out plate of cheese. It feels like a trap, and yet. Cheese. I want the cheese.

IS EVERYONE ELSE SUPER STOKED FOR Rookie Blue TO RETURN OR IS THAT JUST ME? Okay, just me, that's cool, I will relive my Sam/Andy obsession like it's 2012 all over again, party-of-one style. I'M READY.

Elementary went out guns a'blazing. What a great, Mycroft-free season.

Will Friedle was on Girl Meets World the other night, much to my heart's delight. Me and untitleddemo recently wrapped up a Boy Meets World epic marathon so the nostalgia/feelings were still fresh. I watched the GMW episode with Shawn that came on the night before, too, but I gotta say: no thanks. On its own that show is probably the Disney Channel's usual brand of slapstick hilarity, but you cannot just have Cory Matthews as a secondary character, okay, my childhood won't allow it. Especially not when you add Shawn and Eric to the mix. Who cares what the youths are doing, GIVE ME ERIC AND CORY AND SHAWN AND TOPANGA. Then bring back Jack and Angela and Mr. Feeny too! And never mention those kids again, thanks!

And also, lastly, hooray The Mindy Project! Rescued by Hulu! Do I want to live in a world where all my favorite TV shows keep getting cancelled, no I do not, but so long as the internet is there to cradle some of these cancelled shows against its herioic bosom, I won't wish for alternate timelines just yet. Except for the one where Happy Endings also makes a comeback. MAKE IT HAPPEN, WORLD.

It's 2004 again.

I hope that video makes all 27 of you still on LJ as emotionally compromised as it makes me. untitleddemo and I finallyyyyy made it to season 7 in The Great Buffy Rewatch, which means the Spike/Buffy 'shipping is at an all-time high. REMEMBER HOW THEY CUDDLE LATER ON, AFTER SPIKE DELIVERS THE "you're a hell of a woman/you're the one" SPEECH? EVEN THOUGH AT ONE POINT THEY WERE MORTAL ENEMIES? Yeah. Still plenty adorable.

I also watched those four leaked Game of Thrones episodes because I have no willpower. YOU GUYS. Did anyone else do this? I would like someone to talk to me about all the things, like [spoiler] and [spoiler.]

Is this thing on?

Community returned the other day, like the inexplicable, unstoppable force of nature that it is, and it brought with it a Jim Belushi burn which is how I know this season will be as good as all the others. Without getting too spoilery: I'm ambivalent about the new characters as per usj, Chang and dean Pelton caused all the big laughs, Britta remains most darling, and I still want Jeff and Annie to passionately make out at least once before this dang show ends. IT'S BEEN 82 YEARS.

The Looking season finale is tonight and my feelings have been bouncing back and forth between gleeful anticipation and the kind of nauseous dread that makes your mouth go dry. Why you gotta 'ship so intense, self. But I'm not just frantically forming prayer circles for my OTP to get through unscathed (#teamKevin, what's up) I also want Doris and Dom to make up because if any two kids (grown adults in their 40's) deserve the happiness of one another, it's them. Besties before testies! And chicken windows!

ALSO, lastly, just to see who's still hanging around, I made a poll. Yes, you can still do that. I'm shocked too.

Poll #2004971 Bueller?



And pretty soon, Christmas!

Hello, livejournal friends!

I was going to toe at the ground and make awkward small talk about the weather in an attempt at an update, but instead, here is this handy meme that prompts actual conversation! It's from catteo, who is now morally obligated to participate. I MEAN!!! Just kidding.

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic-- absolutely anything fannish goes: TV, movies, books, comics, fandom, ships, fictional characters, actors, writing, arting, whatever strikes your fancy...

Also, feel free to suggest multiple topics/dates or to just leave a topic and no date, I'll fill it in. ;)

December 01: brosome: Tyrion/Sansa, MY TRUEST PLIGHT. As for what about them, I don't know. Anything! Where would their relationship go from this point, in your wildest dreams? What are their very best moments? Etc. etc.
December 02:
December 03: 
December 04: catteo: Ladies of Rookie Blue. Ships/friendships/storylines you wish they'd had - or not. ANYTHING
December 05: 
December 06: 
December 07: alexwhitman25: Noel Crane and his Bestness
December 08: nereemac: Pacey Witter - all the ways in which he is the best.
December 09:
December 10: tsuki_no_bara: speak to us of danrad and all your feels!
December 11: alexwhitman25: elaborate on your Originals love
December 12: goldenusagi: Tell me your thoughts on Simon.
December 13: 
December 14: rainbowstevie: Best show that premiered in 2014 and why people should watch it.
December 15: alexwhitman25: tell all your favorite Morgan bff stalkery related things
December 16: catteo: Top 5 most enjoyable movies.
December 17: rainbowstevie: Your most epic breakup(s) with a TV show
December 18:
December 19: alexwhitman25: Spill out all your Elementary related thoughts and emotions. Could include how Joan and Sherlock's wavelength of dynamic makes you want to seal clap, how Bell and Joan need to smoosh faces at least once, how Clyde is the most important character in the series, how Kitty is in fact not the worst and is indeed enjoyable suckers, and how you live in fear for when Mycroft pops back up to get his stench of NOness all over everything.
December 20:
December 21: catteo: Best Pacey/Joey scenes
December 22:
December 23: eilowyn: Robin/Ted post-finale feelings.
December 24: 
December 25:
December 26:
December 27: untitleddemo: Preach some Klaus/Hayley business
December 28:
December 29: catteo: Top Jess/Schmidt fics. Yours. Other people's. Ones you WISH someone would write.
December 30: 
December 31:

For real, I am jonesing for fannish talking. My only outlet is reblogging junk on tumblr and everyone knows that's the worst place for expressing anything that's not the equivalent of an emoticon. I enjoy spamming my dashboard with gifs from In The Flesh, but I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IN THE FLESH, TOO. Or how Supernatural went from being my most fave to [raspberry noises] or how DanRad has become an ambassador of MY EMOTIONS. Etc, etc.


Meme, guys.

Give me a show/fandom and I'll tell you:

- The first character I fell in love with:
- The character who is my ‘baby’:
- The character who I do not understand:
- The character that I think the show ruined:
- The most attractive male and female character:
- The character death that was the worst for me:
- The character that is the most like me:
- The character I think the writer(s) love:
- The character that I just want to be happy:
- My four favorite characters, past or present:
- My four least favorite characters, past or present:


NBC, you idiots.

Oh no, oh no, they cancelled Community, NOW WHAT IS MY SPIRIT SUPPOSED TO BE MADE UP OF? Real life? Barf, no way. Other TV shows? NEVER. I'm so bummed, even thoughhhh season 5 was not my most favorite. I wasn't ready to say goodbye! You can't say six seasons and a movie and then NOT GIVE ME SIX SEASONS, YOU DUMB STUPID NBC JERKS.

Probably it speaks more of my delusion than actual reality, but I feel like there's still the sliiiightest chance some other network or, I don't know, Netflix or Hulu will swoop in and save the day by picking Community up off the dusty barren floors of the basement NBC operates out of in its mom's house, rescuing it from the beef jerky stench and the panicky desperation that lingers.


In, like, a week, I will be soaring with the clouds, on my way to my sister's wedding. I was already wary of this mode of transportation, since I am not exactly fond of riding in something that has the disclaimer of "might plummet from the sky, ha ha ha!!!" but now that Community's cancellation is a clear sign we're in the darkest timeline? My anxiety has been elevated. GOD, WHAT IS THIS CERTAIN DEATH I HAVE PAID HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR? WHY. WHY ME.

On the plus side, should I survive just fine, I will become Pierce-like and declare myself a living god. Note that up, friends.

I'm excited to see my nephews, though! Favorite people of all the people, those two. Cole has already upped his ongoing efforts to get me to move back by suggesting I work at the local Burger King. He knows where to strike, I'm just saying.

Speaking of work: I've been at mine for, man, almost 6 months now. I am fairly content there, mostly because I'm pretty fond of 95% of my co-workers, but it is exhausting in both soul and body. Go figure, but selling craft and office supplies to people is tiresome work. Mostly because I am a full-on recluse weirdo who best engages in conversation by not engaging in conversation, except not only does this job require me to do the opposite of that, I have to prompt that conversation myself. Ugh, ugh, ugh. No thanks, I'd rather avoid eye contact if possible and lurk real awkwardly at the edge of other people's social bubbles. PLUS, I'm not too into the amount of creepy old men I have to pretend to be flattered by when they're being gross. What a dumb thing being in the customer service biz makes us do.

How is everyone? What sort of fandom-y things are you guys into? Anyone have any 'shippy happenings to talk about?

My icon is relevant to my emotions, fyi.

If you are still bitter with rage over the HIMYM finale, and do not get riled up at the idea of Ted/Robin, you should for sure watch this vid and, after, roll around in a puppy pile of happiness and emotions with me. IT'S SO GOOD AND IT MAKES MY HEART SOAR WITH THE EAGLE'S NEST. Seriously, the 'Ted makes it rain' sequence is like a direct whammy to my heart. SO GOOD. THANK YOU, INTERNET.

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Oh, hello.

I upgraded to a 2 month paid account like a month and a half ago thinking it would inspire me to post more, but, turns out, it did not. Though, let's be real here, my real reason for upgrading was to get all my icons back. Ilu, icons. I need to get back into the posting spirit but it's so hardddd, somebody make me. GAME OF THRONES IS RETURNING SOON! And Rookie Blue with its crapload of episodes, so, there we go, maybe that'll bring me around again. There's nothing I like more than documenting my weekly meltdowns over Sam Swarek's face.

How is everyone doing, anyway? Anyone still around?

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Tis that season

holiday love meme 2013
my thread here

(Insert Hanson's 'Snowed In' lyrics here.)


Obligatory monthly TV post!

Why is it so hard to update LJ? Why, why.

I could've used a rl "WINTER IS COMING" warning, just FYI. Way to fail me, Game of Thrones. Coming from the deep South, I didn't properly prepare myself for these chilly climes. 50' weather? What is this, Florida on its coldest day ever? No thanks. I do like the Washington gloom, though. But, not such a fan of 4 p.m. nighttime.

More exciting than the weather: me and untitleddemo have begun a great Buffy rewatch. We've hit the part of season 2 when Spike first appears. You know, the best part. I'm mostly looking forward to season 4 and beyond. AND! When we start alternating Buffy seasons with Angel seasons. I LOVE ANGEL BEST. Friendslist, do you remember how I used to be nuts in the head about Buffy, with my icon-making and fanfic-writing? Good times. Embarrassing times.

And now, more words on TV. Lots of them.

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New Girl.Collapse )

The Originals.Collapse )

Arrow.Collapse )

Elementary.Collapse )

SleepyCollapse )
COMMUNITYYYYYY! is coming back to my eyeballs, January 2nd. That is my nephew's birthday, which means I will accept it as a vicarious gifting. Thanks, universe!

New Girl.Collapse )

The Mindy Project.Collapse )

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The Walking Dead.Collapse )
FRIENDSLIST. As TV goes, I go, which means I'm baaaaack! That's right, Livejournal, I just increased your activity by one. This is an LJ population of, like, four now.

But first, a meme I took from dollsome, because I will never give up the hope these things aren't still relevant, never!

Fandom spam me, flist! Questions about fandom, fanvids, fic recs, actual fic, fic prompts, meta chat, SHIPPING CHAT, talk about any fabulous books or movies you've encountered lately, any and all!


The Mindy Project.Collapse )

New GirlCollapse )

Elementary.Collapse )

Parenthood.Collapse )

Sleepy Hollow.Collapse )

What's everyone else watching? I tried that Brooklyn Nine-Nine show but it was THE MOST boring. 0/10, would not try again. I'm super pumped for The Walking Dead to return, but I won't be my complete self until Community's back.

Oh, this old thing.

My LJ profile says I last updated on August 9th, which is a lie, I'm pretty sure I last updated in June, so if this is some kind of mindtrick to get me posting, livejournal, WELL PLAYED.

Guys, friendslist, pals of mine. I'm really into Welcome to Night Vale right now, and my curret life plight, aside from being too poor for CommuniCon, is that I don't know anyone else who listens to it. This was most of my salespitch to try and woo alexwhitman25 into joining me in the WtNV sandbox, LET IT WORK ON YOUR BRAINS AS WELL:

I wish you listened to Welcome to Night Vale! It is my heart's greatest joy right now. It is a podcast narrated by a character named Cecil who lives in this bizarro town called Night Vale. It is equal parts Twilight Zone and, like, Tales From the Crypt meets Hitchcock meets 1940's news radio. There are all sorts of recurring townspeople that Cecil talks about, like Old Woman Josie who can see angels, and is the only one who can, and a guy who always gets referred to as "John Peters, you know, the farmer." There is a rival town called Desert Bluffs - the Eagleton of the Night Vale 'verse, if you will.

BEST OF ALL IT HAS A GREAT 'SHIP. In the first podcast Cecil talks about a new scientist whose come to Night Vale to figure out what's the what with the freaky going-ons (once a giant Glow Cloud hovered over the town dropping cat and dog sized animals upon the residents... occasionally Wednesdays are cancelled or the library is invisible...) He is a fellow called Carlos, first described by Cecil as such: "Why his perfect and beautiful haircut? Why his perfect and beautiful coat?" He is adorably smitten and occasionaly recounts their encounters in a manner a-like so: "I asked him where he got his shirt. It fit him so well. He said he would look at his notes and computer models and see if he could figure out what was going on. I don’t know if he listens to me sometimes." Eventually his feelings are reciprocated and when that happens, EXPLOSION OF HEARTS AND GLITTER ALL UP IN PEOPLE'S HEART AREA.

It's really, really charming to listen to, and it's so clever and fun and poignant sometimes too. There is a great balance between the bizarre and the heartfelt. SO. LISTEN TO IT. Your ears will applaud you!

I did a Community rewatch with untitleddemo (seasons 1-3, anyway) that made me nuts for the show all over again. It really is my absolute favorite. ALSO, ARE WE STILL THROWING TANTRUMS OVER DONGLOVER LEAVING??? Because I could whine about that some. It is hilarious to me, in a cruel, mocking way, that the last time I updated about the show I was capslocking over me not being ready to live in a world without Troy. Those shouts were about wanting the show to get picked up for another season, but HA HA HA THE SOUL MURDERING IRONY. Ugh, donglover. WHY DO YOU DO ME THIS WAY?

Also, we all saw the deleted scene with Jeff from that 'Annie pretends to be Mrs. Jeff Winger' episode, right? Where Jeff orders Annie's appletini and the bartender asks if she's his wife, then mentions she's beautiful, and at first Jeff speaks up to deny any marital relations before his icy cold, commitment-hating heart melts and he realizes, out loud, YES. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. Because, PATHOLOGICAL.

Someone write me a Jess/Schmidt tale that rips off that Community episode Pascal's Triangle Revisited. JUST HEAR ME OUT.

~ Girl breaks things off with guy she was previously romantically involved with. (Insert Jess here.)

~ Second guy has two women demanding he chooses one of them to be with. (Insert Schmidt here.)

~ Second guy bails and winds up running into that girl outside. (Insert Jess and Schmidt here.)


I mean, I'm sorry Nick has to be Vaughn in this scenario, but he would do good as hackey sack royalty. You know he would. And, fine, okay, Jess and Schmidt would probably not make out in a public area like Jeff and Annie did, but ROAD TRIP, ANYONE? LEADING TO INEVITABLE MAKEOUTS?

So, uh, deliver this to me, universe. Come on. Pleeeeaaaase.

The facts did change, but I ain't lie.

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The Mindy Project.Collapse )

Bates Motel.Collapse )

Game of Thrones.Collapse )

How I Met Your Mother.Collapse )

Happy Endings.Collapse )

And! A meme, taken most recently from petragem.

TOP 5 ME! Books, art, culture, politics, music, fandom stuff, movies, television, anything. Ask as many as you'd like. Be vague. Be specific. I don't care if it's mundane or off the wall.